Thursday, 7 June 2012

Beluga Sense- Attaining a More Powerful You

First and foremost identify your goals and then detail them in writing.  Focus on key points and what it is about the goal that attracts you.  List your expectations, the results that you want to gain when you attain that goal. If you are so inclined discreetly confide in a trusted person to get an unbiased view.
Next you must honestly explore all the possible reasons, inhibitions and stumbling blocks that prevent you from attaining your goal.  Address and rebuke that negative inner voice and affirm that you will take full responsibility for your actions even when faced with variable outcomes because in the interim unimagined and unforeseen possibilities may manifest which will also pave the way to certain success.

To prepare for this list three possible alternative routes that can lead you to the same destination.
Survey the requirements needed to implement each of these alternatives then pursue the most applicable of these options.
Keep your focus on your final goal as you progress towards it, one step at a time.
Discretion is warranted when dealing with unsupportive individuals. If they persist in bringing up negative arguments counter to your aspirations, say, “I would have rather preferred your support on this matter; however, since we have such different opinions, let us agree to disagree.” and change the subject. Then surround yourself with supportive friends.

The End

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