Tuesday, 17 July 2012

BoSt Galleries- The Four Seasons

In North America we are fortunate indeed to enjoy the splendor of Nature’s four seasons.
Winter is a delight; when the first snowfall blankets the earth and everything is glossy and gleaming in pristine white resembling thousands of scattered diamonds, or stars plucked from the sky, adorning every surface.

Springtime; when night and day nature’s perfume permeates the air and new life in all its abundance is perpetually bathed by the resplendent spring showers that create precious pearls on the budding trees.

Let us not forget the golden splendors of Autumn; when the world is bedecked in rich browns, yellows and oranges. It’s as if the sun takes up a temporary residence on Earth while everything quietly prepares for the long winter’s sleep.

My most favorite time of all however, has to be Summer. Ahhh, summertime, when during those two short months we abandon all care along with the cumbersome clothes of the other three seasons. Dressed in colourful, cool outfits we burst outside to bask under the hot sun, engaging in outdoor activities: relaxing on a patio café, strolling in parks and enjoying summer’s multitude of events. Time is well spent frolicking at the beach, sharing a picnic, engaging in sports, or laying lazily under an umbrella while partaking of cool refreshments along with abundant fruit. Then for added cooling, a quick dip and splash or a prolonged swim in the pristine lakes that dot the map of North America.

Enjoy Summertime. 

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