Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Trip to the ROM

A Trip to the ROM

Every city or town boasts about its unique and magnificent collections housed in a magnificent Museum. It is where many cherished accomplishments are displayed, items which demonstrate the similarities and differences of many cultures.

The Museum shows that in the great scheme of things we are one. We are all homo-sapiens are we not? Can you resist being moved by all those historical objects, traditional and allusive vessels used in religious ceremonies of other cultures? Beware, its captivating ambience converts the most hardened and jaded souls. In the end you are like a child, totally awed by gigantic prehistoric animals, reptiles, birds, fish, shelled ammonites and, of course, the dinosaurs!

Stroll to the geology section and marvel at the collection of minerals that had once taken a ride within the meteorite that had crashed onto our Earth, providing mankind with the necessary metal of civilization, iron, copper to be used for good or ill.
We are all citizens of the world, all homo-sapiens, and what differentiates us is our chosen way of life, traditions, nationalities and geographical locations.

Visiting a Museum is much like going back to an ancestral home- a place where we are all one.

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