Monday, 17 June 2013

The Art of Dance

The Art of Dance

 When we think of Dance we think of body movement accompanied by rhythm and music.  This form of expression whether spiritual in nature, done in social settings, performances in theatres  or more recently, in many gyms to enhance exercise,   is shared by all cultures. One may even argue that it is inherent in the human genetic code as far back as a prehistoric mating display.

Styles of dancing vary, often by geographic region and individual culture.  African dance, for example, can be interpretative or shamanic.    Many contemporary dance forms can be traced back to historical templates: traditional, ceremonial, competitive or ethnic in origin. The movements may vary. They may be abstract and interpretive or have a gestural vocabulary or symbolic meaning as in some Asian dances. Ballroom, ballet, tango and classical dance have usually been the choice of industrial societies. Traditional Folk, tap dance or Square dances are the favorites of country dwellers, while the electric slide, step and break dance have usually been found on metropolitan streets.

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