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BoSt Galleries- Pathways

BoSt Galleries- Pathways

There was once an ancient Chinese Zen master who never gave teisho, or dharma talks. The monks, however, pleaded with him to give teisho, and one day, finally, he agreed. When it was time, he walked into the dharma hall, offered incense and prostrations in front of the altar, and then took his seat. After a few minutes he slowly got up, bowed, and left the dharma hall. The poor monks were all puzzled, and next time they saw him asked: “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’m not a dharma teacher,” he responded. “I am a Zen master.”

Zen Mondo

A monk once drew four lines in front of Ma-tsu. The top line was long and the remaining three were short. He then demanded of the Master, “Besides saying that one line is long and the other three are short, what else could you say?”

Ma-tsu drew one line on the ground and said: “This could be called either long or short. That is my answer.” 


The End.

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