Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Heavenly Law

A Heavenly Law

To bless means to help.

 Heaven helps the man who is devoted

Men help the man who is true.

He who walks in truth and is devoted in his thinking, and furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by heaven. He has good fortune, and there is nothing that he would not further.

It is the law of heaven to make fullness empty and to make full what is modest. When the sun is at its zenith, it must, according to the law of heaven, turn toward its setting and at its nadir it rises toward a new dawn. In obedience to the same law the moon when it is full begins to wane and when empty of light it waxes again.

 This heavenly law works itself out in the fates of men also. It is the law of earth to alter the full and to contribute to the modest. High mountains are worn down by the waters, and the valleys are filled up. It is the law of fate to undermine what is full and to prosper the modes; and men also hate fullness and love the modest.

The destinies of men are subject to immutable laws that must fulfill themselves. But man has it in his power to shape his fate, according as his behavior exposes him to the influence of benevolent or of destructive forces. A thing to remember is this: When a man holds a high position and is nevertheless modest, he shines. He who requires much from himself and little from others could be secure from hatred.
I Ching

The End.

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