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Omens of Insects and Other Cold Blooded Creatures

Omens of Insects and Other Cold Blooded Creatures

Belief in supernatural or omens is subjective. For fun sake however on this Friday 13, I’ve explored some of the omens regarding our encounters with certain insects and other cold blooded creatures.

Ant- To be bitten by an ant foreshadows enmity and quarreling. If ants make their nest near your threshold prosperity is indicated. 

Bee- If bee flies into the house it is thought to bring luck to the inmates of a house particularly if it is detained for a short time. In some regions fisherman believe that the sight of a bee will bring them a good catch if it is flying in the same direction, as their boat is moving. Meanwhile, to kill or dispose of a bee presages bad luck.

Strangely enough, in ancient times the Romans considered seeing a swarm of bees, especially prior to a battle, to be a very ill omen. The calamitous defeat of the army of Pompey by Caesar at Pharsalus in 48 B.C. was foretold by a swarm of bees which settled upon the sacred altar.

Beetle- Ever since ancient Egypt, the scarab has enjoyed divine honours and along with them other beetles as well had been attributed with omens of fortunate significance. If a beetle runs across your path when you are on a country walk, regard it as a very lucky omen and the bigger the beetle, the greater the good fortune that it portends. It must be understood, however, that we are not referring here to the common black-beetle, or cockroach, which has a very different significance.

Butterfly- Who doesn’t love a colourful butterfly? For they stand for beauty and metamorphosis. As far as omens are concerned, a butterfly denotes renewal and rejuvenation, the ability to bounce back from setbacks or disappointments, a transformation of spirituality. It also symbolizes the human soul.

In Japan, the butterfly symbolizes young womanhood. To see two butterflies dancing about one another, it portends marital happiness. In China, the butterfly symbolizes long life and beauty.

Cockroach- Back in olden days the presence of this contemptible pest in a place where it was not generally seen held to presage illness or even death.

Cricket- In contrast to the Cockroach, a Cricket is always been greeted with happy acceptance in all parts of the world for these delightful little critters have always been regarded as omens of luck. What’s more they betoken peace, prosperity and domestic felicity. If crickets mysteriously abandon a house which they have inhabited for a long time however, illness or death is to be feared.

Cicada- (The tree cricket.) The sound denotes 'elevated' poetry, immortality or life after death. A stylized cicada form represents "loyalty to one's principles.

Fish- To see a large fish swimming by itself in the water promises a life of happiness and general prosperity. Fish also denotes spiritual aspects or people in one's life, and spiritual achievements. Fishing represents the spiritual purposes of life and man's search for the higher consciousness. It also represents fertility and the life giving principles of the maternal. To catch a fish suggests growth of the divine self. To catch an ugly fish may imply spiritual weakness. To have an ugly fish appear denotes seeing spiritual weakness in a situation. To see a frozen fish denotes that one's spiritual life is frozen and not used as it should be. To see beautiful multicolored fish represents the joy and peace in one's spiritual life. Saving a fishes life represents the need to save those principles in oneself. In China, the fish represents happiness and plenty. It also stands for courage, strength, and endurance.

Fly- Swarms of flies are usually considered as harbingers of disaster. A fly denotes an irritation in a life situation. To swat the flies therefore, indicate needing to kill or stop the negative irritations.

It’s interesting to note that in most cultures the invincible swarms of flies are considered the embodiment of demonic powers. Particularly in Christianity, Flies are considered predominantly as symbols of satanic beings.

Frog- The frog denotes an impaired mental or physical condition. Again in most Christian societies the frog is considered as symbol of impurity, a plague upon one's house or simply the spirits of evil. It could however represent unintelligent and ugly speech.

On the more positive note, the frog represents fertility, genesis, and reproductive life. In Fairy Tales, the kissed frog always turns into a handsome Prince, a great transformation.

Grasshopper- These cheerful insects, symbol of summer and fun, favour travelling and foretell good news.

Ladybug- Ladybugs are good little helpers for every gardener for they eat aphids and spare plants of the ensuing damage. As far as the omens are concerned Ladybugs are pretty little beetles that are viewed everywhere with favour as a harbinger of good fortune. Moreover, a ladybug bearing seven spots on its back is considered particularly lucky. On the negative note, in some regions ladybug denotes an irritating situation in one's life.

Lizard- To find a lizard in a place where it is unusual to do so is an omen of disappointment.

Snail- It denotes a slow, cautious attitude. 

They are considered self-sufficient because they carry around their own houses and have all of its own belongings with it every moment.

Snake- An encounter with a snake foretells of treachery, betrayal and jealousy, directed against yourself if the creature is coming towards you, but against your enemies if it is going away from you.

Snapping Turtle- Foreshadows a person who will retaliate in a negative situation.

Spider- Too see a spider in the evening portends money losses; to see one in the morning is an omen of grief; while at noon it presages trouble and anxiety. To discover a spider upon one’s clothes or person is an omen of prosperity. To come upon one that is spinning its web means that a plot is being hatched against you. To kill a spider, particularly at night, is very unfortunate.

Tadpole- It denotes spiritual immaturity

Toad- To kill or injure a toad will bring anxiety or grief upon your head.

Tortoise- A tortoise is a lucky animal, and to encounter one casually is an omen of tranquility and protection.

Turtle- Turtles represent quiet strength and long life because they live a long time. It is a symbol of fertility and unwavering vitality, and great patience. The negative aspect is a fear of facing responsibility or reality.

Viper- To encounter a viper, or adder, indicates meeting with a woman of questionable character.

Wasp- To be stung by a wasp is a warning to be on your guard against jealousy, deception and danger.

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