Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Man Stands in His Own Shadow

A Man Stands in His Own Shadow



“A man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.”

~Zen Proverb 

There was once a man who loved to complain and find fault with everyone and everything. Nothing pleased him, so he moved from one town to another, declaring as he left each place:

“I am going to another town, where the people are friendlier.”

A wise man perceived what the problem was, and as the angry man began striding along the dusty road to yet another destination, the wise man compassionately called out:

“Oh brother, moving from place to place does not serve you well. Wherever you go, there you will also find yourself. Your shadow is always with you.” 

"When the sun first comes up and shines on you, your shadow is big behind you. But as you continue to sit; your shadow gets smaller and smaller, until finally it’s just Buddha sitting there. Just the sitting Buddha…You and he are exactly the same. "  HOITSU SUZUKI


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