Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ducks on Ice

Ducks on Ice

After a long harsh winter gradually spring is drawing near. All this time the bashful sun was playing hide and seek with the dark clouds that dominated the skies. Everywhere you looked both natural and manmade structures were hidden or partially mantled in ice and snow. New snow is quite beautiful in its pristine form, however the gradual build up, with its adhered dirt and debris dotting it with gray specks, forgive my saying so, somewhat diminishes its attraction and the charm.

I suspect we are not out of the woods yet, for sometime April has been known to harbor severe snowstorms when the cold makes a comeback and lingers on for a while longer, just to remind us that old man winter is not finished with us yet. Still, during this temporary thaw, a sort of a tease, we can dream of spring, can’t we? So, in droves, we don our waterproof footgear and lighter jackets and head on out to be one with nature.

Those migratory birds, ducks in particular, that had opted to stay put, because in the past we had some pretty warm winters, need our help with their sustenance… So the next time you head outdoors be sure to bring along some treats for our avian friends.

And here's something for the kids or the kid in you:

The End.

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