Saturday, 23 May 2015

Blossoms in Spring

The Proud Little Apple Blossom

by Hans Christian Andersen (adapted)

It was the month of May, but the wind still blew cool, for the sun was not yet ready to shed his warmest rays on the waiting earth.

Yet some of the birds had come, and more were on their way, 

and many beautiful blossoms were already showing their pink and white blooms, 

 by Cecily Mary Baker

so that from bush and tree, field and flower, came the glad cry, "Spring is here! Spring is here." 

 by Cecily Mary Baker

Now, it happened that a young princess rode by a beautiful orchard in full bloom, and she stopped to pick a branch of apple blossoms to take to her palace. 

 by Cecily Mary Baker

All who saw the apple blossom praised its beauty and fragrance until the blossom became proud, and thought that beauty was the only valuable thing in the world. 

But as the apple blossom looked out upon the field she thought, "Not all of the plants are rich and beautiful, as I am, some seem poor and plain." 

And she noticed a little, common, yellow flower, which seemed to lift up its sunny head and grow everywhere.

The apple blossom said to the plain little flower, "What is your name?"

 by Cecily Mary Baker

"I am called the dandelion," replied the little flower.

 by Cecily Mary Baker

"Poor little plant," said the apple blossom. "It is not your fault; but how sad you must feel to be so plain and to bear such an ugly name."

Before the little plant could reply a lovely little sunbeam came dancing along and said, "I see no ugly flowers. 

 by Cecily Mary Baker

They are all beautiful alike to me." 

And he kissed the apple blossom; but he stooped low and lingered long to kiss the little yellow dandelion in the field.

The End.

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