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Murdoch Mysteries Exhibit 2015

Murdoch Mysteries Exhibit 2015

Toronto has yet another reason to be proud: “Murdoch Mysteries”. The show that airs on CBC will be going into its 9th season this autumn. If you can, be sure to check for it. Murdoch Mysteries’ popularity, increasing worldwide, can be attributed to its intriguing story lines that sometimes incorporate Toronto or Canadian history. Additionally, there are talented actors and actresses, excellent technical staff and the most believable studio sets and location shots. The characters work so well together that each episode draws young and old audiences into its fold. Loyalty, honorable conduct and the value systems of a bygone era are sewn into the story line. There is no violent sensationalism or bloodshed, so typical of most of the popular shows on TV at present. Instead, there is lighthearted humor, good dialogue interwoven into mystery, sometimes even romance alongside sensitive handling of the criminal cases that are the main theme, making this a safe family entertainment.

On Saturday and Sunday Aug 8 -9, 2015 there was a PR event where fans of Murdoch Mysteries went and saw the props and some of the actors. The overwhelming response unfortunately limited the size of the admission. This was my first such event with Murdoch Mysteries, and I must say I was not disappointed. I expected to just view some exhibits in a warehouse sectioned off behind ropes or under glass cases as it is with other such events. You can imagine my delight when I found out that I could tour all the inside sets and some of the outside props freely at my leisure, not in an escorted group. The staff and some of the actors were friendly and most obliging with the sometimes silly requests. 

Now I view the re-runs of Murdoch Mysteries (as the new season hasn’t started yet) with renewed interest and marvel at the brilliance of directing, photography and editing that spins the fabricated world of yesteryear. And yes, I will be the first one in the lineup next year.

Please enjoy the short video of Murdoch Mysteries Fan Exhibit tour:

And here are some pictures from Murdoch Mysteries Fan Day Aug 9,2015:

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