Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Peek at Spring Chaos

Peek at Spring Chaos

Now that spring is here, as one strolls along the muddy paths, one may cast their eyes on the newly awakened buds, catch a glimpse of a robin or two with their orange breasts perched on a branch of a tree ( when they are not foraging for food on the ground that is,) singing the welcome songs of spring.

At this period the ground is usually littered with debris, an exposed leftover of a long winter’s tempestuous snowy episodes. But there is also beauty in this disorder that is oftentimes overlooked and rarely appreciated. Soon this shambolic beauty will all too quickly be disguised however, with overzealous Mother Nature doing her spring-cleaning. Incessant showers will foster growth that will carpet this disarray beneath various shades of green. For now, let us delight in this precursor of spring and the new shoots that peak their heads up amidst all this chaotic disarray. 

Each moment is a place you’ve never been.



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