Saturday, 9 April 2016

Spring Thaw 2016

Spring Thaw 2016

This year the everlasting winter bid its farewells, so we thought, on the Spring Equinox. After the Easter celebrations many hastily rushed to put away the dreary, dark colored, cumbersome and hefty winter coats along with the snow shovels and the winter tires. But the spring season has been anything but consistent. Blame it on global warming if you please, for this year we are intermittently beset with snow and rainstorms with the polar vortex bringing on the arctic cold air as icing on the cake. Like a yo-yo, we are forced one day to dig out our heavy winter attire and don boots only the next day to search for waterproof footwear when heavy rains turn all paths into muddy sloshes or pools of water. Even the trees are confused; I fear for the buds that are faced with these inconsistent temperatures. Hopefully the volatility of the spring will soon settle in to more consistent temperatures so that we can fully enjoy this delightful season.

Below are some pictures of spring thaw:


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