Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Wired Up

Wired Up

Whether one lives in the city, suburbs, rural setting or way out in the wilderness, humans are willing supplicants to the new master of modern age. We are all wired up; all wishing to connect to our fellow man or to the world via vi-fi, from sunrise to sundown, even when we are dining or asleep, we respond immediately to that urgent ringtone. 

 This collective connection drives the engines of our modern economy and unites all in society. Solitude, personal space and privacy, whether good or bad, are a necessary sacrifice. Some may argue that this is another form of addiction (addiction to information, work and trendiness), that society fosters rather than curbing its overuse. After all lot is riding on this socially and economically, to say nothing of its political efficacy and personal advantages in capturing and sharing experience, facts and more importantly, the unremitting truth. 

And so, we would be hard pressed to find those few that have actually opted out from this modern day advantage. Whether this allows us a false sense of importance and creates new levels of stress in our down time its benefits far outweigh the harm. For this reason mankind will stay wired up until the next invention. 


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Reflections in Water 2

Reflections in Water 2

Buddhist Words- Art of Dharma

Mind at Peace

"When the mind is at peace,

the world too is at peace.

Nothing real, nothing absent.

Not holding on to reality,

not getting stuck in the void,

you are neither holy or wise, just

an ordinary fellow who has completed his work."

(By P'ang Yün-The Enlightened Heart 34)

"Thus shall ye think of this fleeting world:

A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;

A flash of lightning in a summer cloud;

A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream." 

(-Buddha, Diamond Sutra)

“Without insight, meditation cannot contain the highest state of quietude. 

Without meditation, wisdom cannot achieve its profundity of insight.”