Saturday, 19 November 2016

Beauty of autumn 2016

Beauty of autumn 2016

Every year at the end of Summer I reluctantly await the arrival of autumn as it is the prelude to the icy temperatures of winter. This is a time when nature’s green recedes giving way to brown and seeming decay. Daylight hours shorten, cooler temperatures prevail and sudden rainstorms with stronger winds sweep the earth. Fallen leaves and seeds amidst debris clutter the ground. Squirrels and other creatures that all summer long frolicked in the sun now finish up with their last minute shopping for nuts and other nutrients of earth stored in the safety of cosy, warm shelters made to withstand the toll of harsher elements.

It’s time for humans also to generally retreat indoors. Those diehards that wish to venture outside are now seen clad in sweaters and jackets. Despondency slowly creeps in to take hold; suddenly however, joy takes root in the heart and soul when nature dons the cloak of glorious hues of orange, yellow and burgundy. Autumn has its own brand of beauty that wins one over and instead, propels the heart and soul towards rejoicing and jubilation... Yes, we should all celebrate this magnificent transformation of nature, the glorious transition in seasons headed towards the endless cycle of renewal.

Below are some pictures depicting this glorious autumn change-over:


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