Thursday, 9 August 2012

BoSt Galleries- A Day at The Beach

Modern Art Series

A Day at the Beach
Summertime is when the temperatures are sizzling and the sun is a big ball of fire in an azure sky. For cooling off there is nothing better than escaping the bustling metropolis and spending time at the beach. Far from the noises, the daily grind of work and transport, or the endless hours spent in front of the computer, cell-phones, tablets or TV, we are like the castaway sailors staking our spot on the expansive sands. Sparing an occasional look at the fluffy clouds sailing on by overhead, we take refuge under the beach umbrella, allowing the cooling onshore breeze to caress our faces.  Comfortable in our colourful beach chair we lazily fall asleep, leaving the cares of the world behind.  Then, occasionally waking up, we partake of the cold refreshments neatly stored in the cooler or digest some delectable fruit, barbecued meat or other such treat. Energized, we then rush into the embrace of waters. We swim about, submerge, or take a brief dip pretending to be fish and not land dwellers.  
Still restless, we take a good long walk on the soft sands and the shallow strand, watching our steps all the while as we take in the delightful view of the happy, frolicking beach-goers. Our ears are treated to the cacophony of cheerful sounds as we dodge the sandcastles of happy children and cooperative adults alike.
This is a sure piece of Heaven on Earth, claimed unfailingly every summer by us all during the precious summer months.
Have a fun filled summer.

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