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The 2014 Annual Afflictions Part 4- The Illness Black Star #2 (also known as Ju Men)

The 2014 Annual Afflictions Part 4- The Illness

Black Star #2 (also known as Ju Men)

The Illness Black Star #2 flies to East during 2014 when the annual 2 Black combines with any untimely visiting monthly stars. The chi manifested from this combination can affect us undesirably and cause problems.

In Feng Shui one will always need to consider health as a priority because, without health, one cannot have an otherwise fulfilling life and certainly one will not be able to obtain good luck in making money. The eldest or only son of the family, in particular, needs to watch out for danger and long term illnesses, especially those related to the abdominal and gastrointestinal areas. Even if there is no son in the house the illness energy in the East should not be left unattended or without remedy as it can still affect everyone. One may not know that this star is also capable to bring about loss of wealth, injuries, gossips, lawsuits, relationship problems, insomnia (sleeping problems) and depression. Better to place all the necessary Cures to render it benign. Another good thing to do is to avoid using the East area as much as possible. Strive to keep it as quiet as possible and definitely shun all types of renovation and disturbing the earth. If you really have to renovate or refurbish the east room, do not engage in such activities during the months of March May, June, October and December 2014.

If your bedroom is located in the east sector of the house, you will be prone to falling sick. All is not lost however, there is a cure to subdue #2, and that is the 8 Immortals Wu Lou with Long Life Vase. 

 You may also hang any wooden Wu-Lou (gourd) in the east corner of the room or east post of the bed as an effective cure. Additionally you may place many round metal decorative objects, so long as they are calming and do not have any sharp points, to dissipate the #2 Black Star’s negative influence in the East. Avoid using red color in this sector and refrain from displaying triangle shapes or fiery pictures.

You can also use the 8 Immortals Wu Lou to dissipate the negative earth if your kitchen happens to be located in the East. If your main door is in the East, then a good remedy to dissipate the effect of the #2 star would be to hang a Ba Gua outside the door. 

Inside you may place a salt water cure and have the six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon. 
Another good Cure to place in the East would be a gold Tsai Shen Yeh (God of Wealth) statue which will help in reducing the bad earth and will also help to guard your wealth for the year. Additionally you can place a Ru Yi wealth and legal enhancer in the East.

In 2014 a metal Dragon Turtle is also used as a Feng Shui cure to neutralize the energy of negative annual stars, particularly the #2 (visiting East) and #5 star (visiting NW). In this case it brings strong protective energies as related to the fiery and courageous energy of the dragon and the watchful guardian energy of the turtle.

Dragon Headed Turtle

The Dragon and the Turtle are both considered celestial creatures and are part of the four Feng Shui guardians assigned to each of the four cardinal directions. The green Dragon is in the East, the red Phoenix in the South, the white Tiger is in the West and the North has the black Turtle. So any combination of these celestial animals logically makes for a more powerful force.

The Dragon Tortoise is a hybrid of the celestial dragon that also is blessed with the attributes of a sturdy and steadfast tortoise. With the head of dragon and a body of a turtle the energy of the dragon, comprising courage, determination and success, is perfectly blended with tortoise’s longevity of tenure, to provide one with a protection and lasting and successful career luck. How apropos that the Dragon Headed Turtle is often depicted on a bed of coins and ingots, holding a coin in its mouth- eliciting lasting wealth and occasionally, appears with claws and Ru Yi- bringing forth authority and protection. In these configurations the dragon is said to be blowing good breathe to people and carrying the Ru Yi which signifies power, high rank and doing everything well.

With the Dragon Headed Turtle, the symbolic meanings of the dragon (luck); tortoise (long life), baby tortoise (new beginnings, fertility or excellent descendants luck) and the coins representing the money that can be made, are the reason for its heightened popularity. The various designs on its back meanwhile, such as a whole lo or a shu square symbol or with one or several baby dragon turtles riding it, always represents a good beginning and a new business venture with prospects. For those of you that are in a relationship, or wishing to have one, The Dragon Tortoise also furthers fortunate relationships. It is a fantastic energizer for scholastic finesse and superior knowledge as well as for acquiring many benefactors at school and work.

A word of caution: Do not place this symbol in the kitchen or bath room.

The ideal placement of the Dragon Turtle would be in the North, NW or East sector of the house. Placing this dragon at home is said to bring the occupants of a home good luck, wealth and feeling of security. The Dragon Headed Turtle also protects a home from negative energies.

Do not put the Dragon Headed Turtle in the North or East if it is directly in front of you while putting it at office or business place. Instead it would be best to position the symbol parallel to where you sit; here it can enhance your relationship luck. If you have arguments and troubles you can display it right behind your seat looking sideways which signifies support. Display it in Northeast for scholarship and to further your education.

Indeed, keeping a dragon turtle will attract prosperity to your business and improves your relationships with those around you. To further improve the general relationship luck you may place a piece of red ribbon in his mouth, which works wonders. To improve wealth a piece of golden ribbon can be kept in its mouth. If you are having Health problems place a piece of blue ribbon in his mouth.

Apart from all these attributes listed above, Dragon Headed Turtle is a wonderful gift to give to someone who is starting a new business, career or a new job.

Best of Luck

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