Sunday 17 March 2013

The Game of Thrones Exhibit

The Game of Thrones Exhibit

Most of us spend our daily lives from dawn to dusk acquiring new skills, learning, working then spending down time in some form of recreation.  With some exceptions, many of us have had spent our early years in being delightfully entertained by varied imaginary games and plays. In our responsible adult life we cling onto similar avenues that offer us that delightful reprieve. Fortunately every so often a string of good movies, TV Series, or books comes along that carries young and old into the same fantasy world. When these intriguing books are translated into visual form our imagination again soars and our lives are transformed once more by the adventurous  Pirates of the Caribbean, Robin Hood, Star Wars, Mutant X, Lord of the Rings  and The Hobbit and  Game of Thrones, to name but a few.
During this March Break I reserved some time to see the exhibit of Game of Thrones.  After parking underground at  City Hall, watching the ice-skaters, doing some shopping and dining at a restaurant we walked down the vibrant Bay street to arrive at our destination in the old Stock Exchange building.  We had a fun time. Here are some photos of the exhibit:

The End.

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