Thursday, 7 March 2013

March Break 2013

March Break 2013

This is the time when those who have endured the long harsh winter sequestered indoors, with only some short visit to the snowy slopes, now line up in the airports to migrate south seeking that eternal sunshine and hot, hot temperatures. They all have but one objective: to regenerate and pack into their week long hasty schedules as much sun, swim and of course, fun as they can.

Who wouldn't wish for a glorious reprieve sprawled on the beach with an occasional dip in the ocean all the while achieving the bragging rights to that golden glow once back at home?

While some would enjoy a good night’s sleep, the frolicking masses try to let off more steam by dancing the night away in some extra loud musical establishments.

Sun, Ocean and fun and more fun!!!!! Happy March Break everyone.


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